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Public Policy Agenda - Great Lakes Metro Chamber Coalition

Our chambers are calling for significant short term and long term investment and new policy initiatives in five strategic areas:

  • Federal transportation infrastructure funding and policy
  • A 21st century border with Canada
  • Energy Development
  • Immigration of High-Skilled Talent
  • Water Quality in the Great Lakes

Collaborating with the Brookings Insittution and building on the work of the Great Lakes Commission and other regional groups, the chambers are recommending federal adoption of a strategic cluster of projects that will put thousands of people immediately back to work and will also fuel the region’s longer term economic transformation. The most immediate recommendations revolve around transportation and watershed restoration projects. A list of those projects is available. In total, the initiatives recommended by the chambers will result in well over $100 billion long term economic benefit to the region and nation, as well as hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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