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Sept. 28, 2016:  U.S. House of Representatives passes Water Resources Development Act by vote of 399-25...  GLMCC Washington DC Fly-In March 7-8, 2017...  Why is proper dredging critical to our region?  Click here to learn more... 

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Did you miss the NAFTA webinar?  You can watch it here:

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The Future of NAFTA under the Trump Administration

Webinar occurred Thursday, February 2, 2017

Throughout the campaign President-elect Trump often called NAFTA the “worst trade deal ever” stating that he would renegotiate or completely withdraw from the agreement.  

On February 2 at 10:30 a.m. the GLMCC hosted a webinar on the future of NAFTA under the Trump Administration. Questions addressed included:  What issues of interest to U.S. businesses might be on the table? What are the risks for cross-border trade and supply chains? What role will Congress play?

Our guest speaker was Stacy J. Ettinger, Partner in the Public Policy and Law Practice at K&L Gates’ Washington, DC Office.

Stacy joined K&L Gates after serving for 9 years as counsel to now Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer where she advised him on a number of issue areas including international trade.  Stacy also served for 15 years at the Department of Commerce where she represented the US in various multilateral trade negotiations.

Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition

The Great Lakes Region is the world’s most important economic engine, covering all or parts of twelve states and two Canadian provinces.  With a combined gross product of about $5.7 trillion – the Great Lakes region is a cradle of innovation, ingenuity and productivity, the home of many of the world’s leading educational and healthcare institutions, and the source of 20% of the world’s fresh water supply.  Manufacturing is its cornerstone.

The region is addressing the significant challenges of the global economy – challenges that call for more collaboration among the region’s leaders and with the federal government. The Coalition is supporting job-creating infrastructure investment and new federal policies to help drive the region’s long term economic transformation and competitiveness.

The Coalition has developed a plan for the Great Lakes region and won a number of victories in five categories critical to the region’s economic future:

  •        Improved transportation infrastructure

  •        Efficient U.S.-Canadian border crossings

  •        Highly-skilled immigration

  •        Abundant and affordable base load energy

  •        Plentiful and clean Great Lakes water